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This section of the site offers information about the Fathom It! computer program, the author, and various other topics.

What is Fathom It! ?

A brief description of Fathom It!


About the Author

Information about the author of Fathom It!.


History of Fathom It!

A brief chronology of how Fathom It! came to be.


Web Sites of Interest

Other sites related to logical games and puzzles.


Features List

A list of Fathom It!'s features.

Selected Fathom It! Boards and their Solutions

A growing collection of analyzed Fathom It! boards, provided by Fathom It! players and the author. Feel free to send in your own solutions of an interesting or tough board.

What people are saying about Fathom It!

Read reviews and comments about Fathom It!, as received from testers, users, Usenet posters and prominent puzzlers.


This page last modified: 11 September 1998