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Here are some reviews and comments about Fathom It!, written by some of the foremost puzzlers in the business.

Kit Woolsey, one of the world’s top backgammon players, commentator and author:

Brendan Emmett Quigley, New York Times crossword puzzle writer:

Home of the Underdogs" Web Site (now defunct):

Matthew Daly, maintainer of the rec.puzzles (newsgroup) FAQ:

Erik Hermansen, author of D.R.O.D. (Deadly Rooms of Death) puzzling game:

Everett Kaser, Everett Kaser Software, author of Sherlock, Dinner with Moriarty, Solitiles, Hero puzzles, Descartes Enigma, Honeycomb Hotel:

Wei-Hwa Huang, four-time winner of the World Puzzle Championships:

Patrick Hamlyn, Perth, Australia:

Ben Herring, Fathom It! beta tester:

This page last modified on: 25 November 2018