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Kaser Software is the maker of some of the best logical puzzles around, including Sherlock, Dinner with Moriarty, and MESH: Hero's Hearts. These logical deduction games are true works of love, and extremely enjoyable to play.

If you enjoy Fathom It!, you will want to check out Kaser Software's site!

Banner of Kaser Software's Sherlock

Banner of Kaser Software's Dinner with Moriarity

Banner of Kaser Software's MESH: Hero's Hearts

If you've read GAMES Magazine, you'll love Descartes Enigma (an excellent adaptation of "Paint by Numbers"):
Descartes Enigma


I've recently been playing Logication (by Simeon Peebler of Brain Block Interactive), and find myself firing up the game more and more often (I think it feeds upon my long interest in chess variants!).

Screen capture of Logication

Logication is a very well-written multimedia game application. If you enjoy chess variants, you owe it to yourself to check this one out!

Cascoly Software -- Trivia, puzzles, screensavers and educational games.


Crossdown -- Crossword puzzles, acrostics puzzles and cryptograms for your Windows computer.


I'm hooked on Webfoot's game D.R.O.D (Deadly Rooms of Death), a highly challenging and professionally written game for MS Windows. But they've got many more top-notch games. Don't waste any more time, check them out!

WebFoot Games

Matthew Daly, maintainer of the rec.puzzles (newsgroup) FAQ, places his private game programs on his Web site. They're small (usually 20 KB!), intuitive to use, and fun to play!

SoftwareVault is a new Web site and search engine offering an extraordinary variety of new programs for business and consumer usage. An ideal site for both offices and individuals, it offers the most comprehensive online clearinghouse for today's best new programs.


The Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP)

Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP)

If you like Fathom It!, you've got to check out this book, written by Peter Gordon and Mike Shenk, former co-editors of GAMES Magazine's "Battleships" column.

Go step-by-step through sample puzzles to learn strategies for eliminating possibilities and clueing into likely arrangements. Puzzles are ranked according to difficulty.

Don't miss this book by two of the foremost puzzle creators around!

These books by Michael Rios and Dave Tuller provide you with numerous Battleship variants, including Lighthouses variant, Minesweeper variant, Rain Clouds, Half-Dominoes, and Tents.

Michael and Dave are frequent contributors to the GAMES and World of Puzzles magazines.


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