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Fathom It! provides two different methods of measuring performance while solving a board. Use either one or both of the methods to give yourself a competitive challenge!

By default, Fathom It! displays both performance methods in the lower right-hand portion of the board:


The red display on the left shows the running score, while the light-blue one on the right displays the number of squares finalized.

Running Score

Fathom It! displays a running (red) score of your game, and will notify you if you solve a board in record time (i.e. the lowest score). The object is to solve a board in the shortest time while incurring the least number of penalty points.

Using Fathom It!'s default settings, the following actions will add points to your score:

 The score is incremented by one point every second.

 Requesting and receiving a hint from Fathom It! costs 50 points. This includes asking Fathom It! to reveal a square (using the Reveal Square menu command in the Guess menu).

 An incorrect finalization (if Forgive Wrong Move mode is on) costs one half of the penalty points for receiving a hint (by default 25 points).

You can modify the score increment rate and penalty costs at any time by using the Customize Game dialog box.

Number of Squares Finalized

Fathom It! also displays the number of squares you finalize. This moves counter is displayed with light-blue digits, and consists of two numbers: yours and the automatic solver's finalization counts, respectively. Here, the object is to solve the board with a minimal number of finalizations.

When Fathom It! first presents you with a board, your finalization count is zero: you haven't finalized any squares yet. Every time you finalize a square as water or a ship segment, this count will be incremented by one. When the board is solved, you can see how many squares you needed to finalize to solve the board.

You may have noticed a second number together with your finalization count. This is the number of squares the automatic solver needed to solve the board. As an added challenge, try to beat the solver by solving the board with fewer square finalizations.

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