What is Fathom It! ?

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Fathom It! is a challenging and fascinating adaptation of the GAMES Magazine column, "Battleships". Unlike the classic pencil-and-paper game of battleship, your mission is to solve the board by locating the underlying fleet of ships using logic alone.

A Fathom It! board is a grid representing a section of ocean in which an entire fleet of ships is hiding. The fleet consists of a known number of battleships, cruisers, destroyers and submarines. The following is a typical starting Fathom It! board:

images\fath0002.gifFor more information, position the cursor over any portion of the above board and click the left button.

The ship display in the upper right-hand portion of the window tells you the fleet consists of one battleship, two cruisers, three destroyers and four submarines. Ships in the display may be in a different color than all the other ships. This means that those ships have already been found, while all other ships have yet to be found.

images\fath0002.gifThe underlying ships may be oriented either horizontally or vertically, and no two ships will occupy adjacent squares, even diagonally.

The digits along the right side and below the grid indicate the number of grid squares in the corresponding rows and columns that are occupied by vessels.

On a board, a few shots may have been taken to start you off. They may show water, a complete submarine (a circle), or the middle (a square) or the end (a rounded-off square) of a longer vessel.

To give you an idea of what a solved board looks like, here is the above board completely solved:


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