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How to solve Solitaire Battleship puzzles


So you want to know how to solve Solitaire Battleship puzzles?  Welcome to the club!  On this page you'll find everything you need to begin solving Solitaire Battleship puzzles, including fully annotated solutions of easy, intermediate, and hard puzzles.

GAMES Magazine's "Battleships Solving Guide"

Read GAMES Magazine's own "Battleships Solving Guide".  The guide, written by Peter Gordon and Mike Shenk, is a good introduction to solving Solitaire Battleship puzzles.  Gordon and Shenk are also the authors of the paperbacks "Yubotu: Sink the Fleet in These Addictive Battleship Puzzles" and "Solitaire Battleships: 108 Challenging Logic Puzzles".

Puzzler Media's "Battleships" Solving Guide

Puzzler Media, a puzzle publishing company based in the UK, has an informative Battleship solving guide on its site (cached).

Solving an easy Solitaire Battleship puzzle

Try this tutorial, walking you through an easy Solitaire Battleship puzzle from start to finish.

Index of solved Fathom It! Battleship puzzles

Check out the growing list of Fathom It! Battleship puzzle solutions, complete with a step-by-step explanation and commentary detailing the solution techniques.

List of strategies to use when solving Solitaire Battleship puzzles

The on-line Fathom It! help contains a list of strategies (or rules) to use when solving Solitaire Battleship puzzles. These will help you improve your solving abilities.  But don't rely only on this list -- you may discover new strategies not listed here!

Solving Battleship variants

Having trouble solving interesting Battleship variants?  Here are tutorials that will show you how to solve some of the popular ones.

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This page last modified on: 6 November 2018