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The registered version of Fathom It!, which you can buy here, comes with:

Wei-Hwa Huang, four-time winner of the World Puzzle Championships:

"I am suitably impressed; the solver has a good set of heuristics and should be helpful to anyone. The interface is very clean."

"... the awesome Battleships software Fathom It! ..."

Everett Kaser, Everett Kaser Software, author of Sherlock, Dinner with Moriarty, Solitiles, Hero puzzles, Descartes Enigma, Honeycomb Hotel:

"Yes, the solver is VERY excellent! ... Very impressive indeed."

"This is a very nice implementation of this game ... I highly recommend it to folks who like puzzle games!"

Matthew Daly, maintainer of the rec.puzzles (newsgroup) FAQ:

"Just downloaded the shareware version of Fathom It!. It is every bit as wonderful as everyone on Usenet has been saying. Wonderful. 10 out of 10.... The user interface is a great improvement over pencil and paper (and erasers!) and the powerful yet easy-to-understand solver has already netted me a promotion from "Captain" to "Commodore"!"

Erik Hermansen, author of D.R.O.D. (Deadly Rooms of Death) puzzling game:

"He sure did a nice job on his solver. I was blown away by some of the explanations it came up with when I tried the expert levels ... Very impressive and pretty fun too"

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