Tips for Sight-Challenged Users

Maximize the main window

From the very start, one of Fathom It!'s primary goals was to enable people with sight disabilities to enjoy the game. To that end, a great deal of effort was invested to enable a player to maximize Fathom It!'s board. By maximizing the main window, the player can enjoy large squares, numbers, buttons, etc.

Run in 640x480 VGA mode for largest solver hint text

Although the player can maximize the main window, the automatic solver window (which provides optional hints) does not scale to a larger size. It is recommended to run Fathom It! in 640x480 VGA mode. This will cause the solver hint text to be displayed in the largest font possible.

Possible future feature: total audio interface to Fathom It!

The current version of Fathom It! would be difficult for a blind user to play. If there were enough public interest, a future version could include speech synthesizer features as pronouncing:

 current square coordinates

 pieces along a row/column

 pieces around the current square

 row/column tallies

 positions and directions of all ships found so far

 ships left to find

 automatic solver hint text

The author does not have experience in this important area, and would appreciate hearing from anyone interested in such a version.