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Because row H is missing one remaining ship segment, a submarine must be placed in either (H,6) or (H,7). However, because columns 6 and 7 are perfectly symmetrical, the submarine can be placed at either (H,6) or (H,7) without changing the rest of the solution. This would mean that there are two perfectly acceptable, and ambiguous, solutions for this board. Because Fathom It! boards are guaranteed to have a unique solution, a cruiser cannot be placed at (H,10)-(J,10). The remaining cruiser must be at (A,10)-(C,10). Finalizing a cruiser at (A,10)-(C,10) gives us: <DIAGRAM>

Finalizing the forced ship segments beginning with (D,1), and noting that the remaining destroyer can only be located at (H,6)-(H,7), leads us to the solution: <DIAGRAM>


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